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“Spirit And Truth”

At CityLife Church we love to connect with people who have a passion for praise. There’s just something about being in the middle of a spirit-filled room with an anointed praise band that fires up the soul. This is what we strive for each Saturday, because we believe that worship really matters.

Every human being is born with a deep-seated need to worship. It completes us, fills up the empty spaces, feeds the heart, and sets our affections on God. Worship has the power to free the mind from all the petty things that weigh us down, and enables us to gain a heavenly perspective.

Worship is so much more than just the music. It’s about our lives being lived out moment by moment in the presence of the Lord. Worship is a spiritual ascent into the very throne room of heaven where we offer ourselves daily before His altar. The Bible affirms that true Believers are already seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly realms, (Ephesians 2:6). This is where our pilgrim hearts yearn to be, and the place where we feel most at home.

Jesus issued us the invitation to worship His Father “in spirit and in truth,” (John 4:24). We long for the freedom to let go of ourselves and experience the sweet escape of ascending into His presence. We are the kind of church that desires to exalt His name, His fame, and His glory to the nations. It may sound crazy, but we believe that our feeble tongues have the power to wreck the kingdom of darkness. Worship is both our battle cry and our love song.

Join us this Saturday as we shout to the heavens and call upon the One who holds all power and authority in His hands. After visiting, you may never be the same again.

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